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 Farm History & Management

The Rayner family has been farming in Colnbrook since the 16th Century, reportedly in the reign of Elizabeth I.  The first translator of the bible into English (John Wycliffe) is an ancestor of the Rayner family.  Joseph Rayner was a Colnbrook chapel warden in 1732.  In 1945, the family purchased Berkyn Manor Farm & Manor House in Horton, together with the 60 acres of land (the site of Berkyn Manor was also the home to the famous poet, Milton, and his parents from 1632 to 1638).    In 1954, J Rayner & Sons Ltd was founded from the original farming partnership.

Today, J Rayner & Sons Ltd farms over a large area from Guildford in the south, Henley on Thames in the west, Gerrards Cross in the north and Upminster in Essex in the east, with a distance of 128 km from one end to another. 
The total area of J Rayner & Sons Ltd tenanted land is 283.47 Ha (700.45) acres.

 We also manage and share farm the following land, as at 1 September 2007:
18.12 Ha  Laleham Nurseries
331.98 Ha RMC Rayner Farms
7.51 Ha Rayner Ashby Farms
58.37 Ha Rayner Brothers (Stubbings Farm)
206.70 Ha Rayner Farms
309.33 Ha The Copas Partnership
100.00 Ha Cobham Park Estate
50.00 Ha Various

J Rayner & Sons Ltd specialise in restoring land to agricultural use after mineral winning and land filling operations.

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