Royal Forest Agricultural Association

Show Day Competition Results 2008 – 10.9.08

Local farmers, J Rayner & Sons Ltd, have been desperately trying to save a million pounds worth of crops this summer due to the wet weather.  Director, Colin Rayner, stated ‘our staff have worked night and day to rescue the crops, however, due to the hard work and commitment of our staff, we have now completed harvest.’  Last Saturday, the directors and farm staff celebrated the end of harvest with a harvest supper at their local pub in Horton – Good times were had by all!

We are delighted to receive a number of awards for various classes at the local agricultural show, details attached.

First Prize              Bale of Feed Straw

First Prize              Six stalks of Maize

First Prize              Three types of Cereals

First Prize              Best 5 kilos of Oats

First Prize              Best 5 kilos of Feed Barley

First Prize              Best 5 kilos of Wheat

Second Prize      Best 5 kilos Break Crop

Second Prize      Bale of Wheat Straw
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